Oct. 2nd, 2005

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Yesterday was an intense session of Remix Downloading. With my previous provider I could only download a maximum of 20GB and upload 10GB. Yesterday I dowloaded more than a 2GB worth of music and tvshows but more significantly allowed others to upload over 6GB worth of junk from my computer.

This included downloading, 15 remixes of Coldplay's Clocks, a further 11 remixes of their other songs, 8 remixes of The Killer's Somebody Told Me and & their other hit, Mr. Brightside.

Then just before hitting the sack I finally downloaded Coldplay's new X&Y album which I was supposed to experience live in New York earlier last month but couldn't. Anyways, that album is effin awesome... esp Track 4 - Fix You.

All I need now is a DVD-burner and I'm all set to make this a frequent practice.

Do any of you have some hype Remixes of Rock songs?
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Tonight is Sarvapitri Amavashya (aka Pitru/Mahalaya Amavashya) or All-Soul's Day when ceremonies are performed around the world by Hindus in memory of our departed ancestors. Amavasya is the day of conjunction between the sun and the moon in the zodiacal sign of Kanya (Virgo). Or in other words, the 15th day of the dark half of a lunar month (in this instance the Hindu month of Bhadrapada).

In actuality, the entire process begins a fortnight before the actual Amavasya and the fortnight itself has a name - Pitri Pakshas. The end of Pitri Pakshas ushers in the next season (Durga Paksha), one full of religious festivals such as Navrathri (lit. 9 nights), Dussera, Diwali etc.

For this particular Amavasya however, people all over India would go to various sacred rivers such as the Ganga (Ganges) in North India to offer oblations to their ancestors. The priestly upper-castes (Brahmins) perform rituals on an elaborate scale according to the rules laid down in various religious manuals. Many families prepare the favorite dishes of their near-and-dear while some non-vegeterians even drink liquor and eat meat for the satisfaction of the departed ancestor.
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You know it's been a long time since Britain produced a tennis star of reasonable quality when the Beeb glorifies the performance of a Scot. To be fair, Andrew Murray got into the Thailand Open thanks to a wild card (Henman pulled out) and must've played extremely well to reach the final of a tournament featuring Roger Federer. It still remains to be seen whether Murray is just another Jeremy Bates (remember him?) or an actual Fred Perry.

Gotta give it to the Beeb though for unearthing this golden nugget:

"Despite the loss, Murray will now be ranked inside the world's top 70. At the same age, Federer reached number 64."

Meanwhile, Federer wins his 24th straight final and is well on course to crush Thomas Muster's record of consective victories. What a player. If only he was born a few years earlier. Imagine a rivalry between him and Sampras...

I am curious though, what are your thoughts on who would've been better had they played together longer? Or who is better.


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