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This is what I wrote on Facebook yesterday afternoon:

"Gutted about the result but congratulations to the Tories for an extraordinary victory. Did not see that coming at all. An absolute bloodbath in political terms for the opposition. A country divided unlike ever before. A broken electoral system. And an impending escalation to the austerity programme. I do hope the vanquished dust themselves off quickly and work together in every way possible to fight for the cause of social democracy. Unfortunately, the voices of liberalism are all but dead in this Parliament and worse still, perhaps for another generation."

Douglas Alexander, Danny Alexander, Jim Murphy, Charles Kennedy, Vince Cable, Simon Hughes, David Laws, Ed Balls, Nigel Farage, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband. It felt like the political equivalent of that climactic scene in The Godfather when Michael Corleone ordered all those assassinations while attending his nephew's christening. Lynton Crosby, like Clemenza before him, had carried out all the dirty work, leaving Don David Cameron to take all the credit and assume absolute control.

Five years ago I voted for the Lib Dems and I did the same again on Thursday night. We've gone from our first stint in government since the War to the edge of obscurity. There will be a lot of soul-searching in the years ahead. The legacy of Jo Grimond, Jeremy Thorpe, David Steel, Paddy Ashdown and Charles Kennedy lies in tatters. The rise and fall of Nick Clegg feels like a modern adaptation of an ancient Greek tragic hero. Yet, the optimist in me believes our day will come again. I sincerely hope so, particularly for the cause of British liberalism.
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David Cameron (leader of the Conservatives), Nick Clegg (leader of the Liberal Democrats) and Ed Miliband (leader of the Labour Party)

I trust you have all recovered from yesterday evening's shocking news of Ed Miliband's Labour leadership victory over his elder brother David by 1.3%(!) (50.65% v 49.35%). So there we have it. The three men who will attempt to lead their party to electoral glory in five year's time. Will the "fair cuts" cause a double-dip recession and tilt the balance of popularity in "Red Ed's" favour, or will the economy recover in time for the Tories to snatch a bigger and better victory than this year's hung parliament? Will the Lib Dems face annihilation whatever happens? To find out answers to these questions and more, tune in again in 2015. If this blog is still alive, you'll read it here first.


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