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...I arrived in London to settle here permanently. The photos below were taken on the night and subsequent morning of that memorable journey. It was my first flight to Blighty in three years - and I only stayed a night on that occasion - so this was actually my first proper visit in nearly four years. I was over the moon, making childhood dreams come true and all that jazz.

With mum at check-in in Muscat (then Seeb) International Airport. Dad had a separate flight that night to attend a conference in Italy. I think my sis was still in India. You can see bits of my Liverpool jersey that I was wearing in honour of the Champions League Final that was taking place as we were flying towards the Continent. The Mighty Reds were taking on The Rossoneri (AC Milan) in Athens. The pilot was kind enough to give us two score updates along the way. Unfortunately, we lost 2-1.

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The English Cellar Alehouse in Providence, Rhode Island - conveniently located in the middle of Brown University's campus on Angell Street.
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Last night I watched what was probably the game of the season and surprisingly, it didn't involve either Real Madrid, Barcelona or both, even though they were also in action together. It's not easy picking one game out of half a dozen humdingers, Arsenal featuring in at least three of them. But last night was special because I watched it in a pub packed with fans from both sides not far from where the game was actually played. And it was a study of contrasts, as one side went into the ascendency followed immediately by the other. The game ebbed and flowed until Spurs came back from a two-goal deficit to secure a draw against the mighty Arsenal. A bad result for both teams but perhaps more damaging for Arsenal as they seek to end their six-year silverware drought. There's a better chance Spurs will qualify for next season's European Cup. And most hope they do.

Meanwhile, Liverpool remain rooted to sixth which will probably deny them any European football next season for the first time since 1999/00. That's thanks to Birmingham City winning the League Cup and only one of the top five clubs making the final of the FA Cup. However there is an outside chance we could sneak through to the Europa League, if Manchester City win the FA Cup but get pipped to fourth place in the league by Spurs and we finish sixth. That would be harsh on Stoke City who have qualified for their first ever FA Cup Final in their 148 year-old history. And if we don't watch out, the Blue Shite are just 2 points behind us. COME ON YOU REDS!

In the other half of the table, the bottom eight clubs are separated by a mere six points. There may only be five or six games left this season, but it's all to play for! A fitting finale to an exciting Premier League campaign!
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Milan's Duomo Square bathed in sunshine and packed with Inter fans cheering their team on while watching the final on big screens. WIWT!
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Fuck.Fuck.Fuck. This is the first time since April 1987 that we have lost four games in a row in all competitions. Our season has gone from bad to worse. Four defeats in nine league games and an European exit imminent. To make matters worse, Gerrard limped off midway through the first-half. Both him and Torres are unlikely to feature against Manchester United at Anfield on Sunday. And then there's Arsenal's toddlers in the League Cup next Wednesday, followed by the Halloween fixture that I'll be attending at Craven Cottage when we play Fulham. Sad as I am to admit it, by then the Rafalucion could be well and truly over. SO COME ON YOU REDS!!! YNWA
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Before our game against Villa on Sunday afternoon, several pundits predicted that Martin O'Neill would sacrifice Emile Heskey up front by employing an extra midfielder. He didn't and I'm wondering if that would've made a significant difference. Villa dominated the game for about twenty minutes between our first and second goals and having that extra midfielder could've made all the difference. It's an interesting thought and certainly a strategy that will be employed by at least a few of the managers in the season run-in. It's a strategy that worked wonders for Hull, Fulham, Stoke (twice) and West Ham.

Sometimes a defeat against a shit opponent can truly galvanise a team and in some ways I'm glad we were thrashed 2-nil by Middlesbrough, days before playing Real Madrid at home. The response was incredible. Never had I seen a Liverpool team come out with such attacking intent and it took Madrid by great surprise. They never recovered and our confidence has soared.

The fact is, little has changed with the teams that drew the weaker clubs earlier this season and the ones that have destroyed Madrid, United and Villa. I just hope we don't lose any/too many players during the international break nor the momentum that has been generated in March. Fifteen goals and just one conceded in four games last month. Thankfully, the serious charges in Gerrard's criminal case have been dropped and Rafa has signed a new contract. The owners appear to have kissed and made up (albeit temporarily) and there seems to be an acceptable level of stability at all levels.

I also think Rafa has finally sussed out his best team: Reina, Arbeloa, Skrtel, Carragher, Aurelio, Kuyt, Alonso, Mascherano, Riera, Gerrard and Torres. The 4-2-3-1 formation is working wonders after years of tinkering with 4-4-2.

Reina is a quality keeper and if it wasn't for Casillas at Madrid, he'd be Spain's national goalkeeper. It's the toughest position to play in, especially if you're extremely good and play second fiddle at club or international level. The stand-out in Reina's game is his ability to get rid of the ball quickly and accurately. He has a great kick and arms of steel. And he is a great penalty-saver but questions remain over his ability to remain calm in big European games and those against the Big Four. Overall he is one of the Premier League's best custodians and a very safe pair of hands.

Arbeloa and Aurelio are decent full-backs but are not world-class. They get the job done. My only issue with Arbeloa is the number of bad tackles he puts in. He's by far our worst yellow-card offender. Aurelio on the other hand has done incredibly well to recover from career-threatening knee injuries to fill the void left by Riise and is our second-best free-kick taker (after Gerrard of course). The fact he is a naturally left-footed player offers much-needed variation. His goals against Portsmouth and United augur well for the future. He must be extremely relieved that Rafa has put pen to paper and extended his contract because he would've been the first to leave us had Rafa not.

Carra and Skrtel are no-nonsense centrebacks. They also get the job done and are not afraid to simply kick the ball out of play if the situation demands it. They are also not world-class, though Carra certainly should be playing for England. While it suits Liverpool that he retired from national duty, it wasn't one of his wiser decisions. He would be a more-than-useful sub in South Africa.

Riera and Kuyt are dependable wingers but again, they're not world-class. Riera has excellent ball control, pace and along with Benayoun, our players with the most flair. The problem is that he has blown hot-and-cold for most of the season. He needs consistency. I also don't like the fact that he is our number one simulator. :) As for Kuyt, he's our most hardworking player but absolutely shit as a goalscorer. Though to be fair he has done a lot better this season and has balanced the disproportionate number of goals he was making in the European Cup last season with the Premier League this season. He remains a weak link on the right and it's a position that needs to be filled with a proper winger over the summer.

Then there's Mascha and Alonso. Now they're both world-class, particularly the Argentine. If it weren't for Gerrard and Carra, he'd be our club captain, in addition to the international honour bestowed upon him by his new manager Maradona. Mascha is the perfect foil to Alonso. He puts in 100% every game and his tackles are second-to-none. He makes Alonso's job so much easier as the distributor. Both have incredible vision and match-situation awareness. They are the reason we do so well in Europe and we're really going to miss Mascha in the first-leg at Stamford Bridge.

And finally, the Dynamic Duo. After all the problems between Rafa and Gerrard in their first three seasons together, the arrival of Torres and his immediate chemistry with the captain has changed our fortunes completely. Rafa has stopped using Gerrard as a right-and-left midfielder and instead given him the freedom to roam in front of the midfield, just behind Torres. Funnily enough, it's not even Gerrard's preferred position but the manager has convinced him that it's his current best position. And the legend has realised it for himself. So many of our goals are being scored and created by the duo and naturally the dependence on them has presented us with our biggest weakness. An injury to either or both will derail the rest of our season: both in Europe and in the league. It cannot be stated enough just how crucial they are to our future success.

Which brings us to the subs bench. This is Liverpool's second major weakness. Unlike United, we simply do not have the like-for-like replacements to strike fear in the opposition as the main eleven do. Cavalieri and Itandje as goalies have rarely played a game but from the little I've seen of Itandje, he has been pathetically pathetic. Cavalieri has done marginally better but is no comparison to Reina.

Insua and Dossena at left-back are decent but worse than Aurelio. Insua is a great prospect for the future. He was part of Argentina's Olympic winning squad and from the little we've seen of him, has stepped up to the plate magnificently. But he's inexperienced. And Dossena is simply too slow for the Premier League. We need suitable reinforcements at left-back this summer. And on the right we have Degen who hasn't played much so I can't really comment. But there's nobody else which means in the case of injury to both him and Arbeloa, Carra or Mascha will be forced to cover while either Hyypia or Agger take over at the centre.

Hyypia is getting too old for a Big Four team but he still oozes class whenever given the opportunity. His quality in the air has resulted in some key goals for us this season and he remains our best bet in the case of injury to Skrtel or Carra. Agger is also decent and has received attention from AC Milan but I don't rate him too highly. He gets the job done but has been run ragged by the best attackers. Final verdict, we need a solid world-class reinforcement at the centre, especially if Agger and Hyypia leave this summer.

For our midfielders we have Babel, Benayoun, Lucas, El Zhar, Plessis and Spearing. Babel has massively flattered to deceive the 12 milion squid we dished out for him. I know he's young but he wastes too much time on the ball, gives it away too easily and doesn't pass to his teammates enough. That said, I want him to stay at Liverpool because he's got a bright future. Perhaps Rafa should try to use him more in his preferred central striker role, especially if the worst befalls Torres. There's no doubting his talent and it would be a pity to lose him this summer because he's not getting enough chances. Besides, he's a half-decent rapper which fills the void left by John Barnes. Christmas number one anyone? Benayoun meanwhile is not as talented as Babel but he is an extremely useful squad player. He always gives his best and has scored some crucial goals this season. He can play on both wings and even behind the striker which could come useful in the season run-in. But I have doubts about him becoming a better player than he already is and with his lack of involvement this season, could probably be heading for the exit this summer.

Then there's Lucas who arrived with much fanfare but has rarely replicated his Brazilian form in England. I think he gets more shtick than he deserves and though he is quite a letdown as a replacement for Alonso, is the best we've got in that position and will have to make do for now. I think he's done a decent job with distribution with the few chances he's been given and will be sufficient in case we need to use him more this season. But it's a gap that will need to be filled over the summer. As for El Zhar, Plessis and Spearing. I think the less said the better. They're simply not Premier League quality, let alone Big Four material. But they're young have a bright future. Nevertheless, they should only be used in dire emergencies.

And finally, up front. N'Gog. Who? Fuck. We're absofuckinglutely fucked. I don't care what Rafa thinks of him or the talent he has or the promise he fulfiled at PSG. The guy is too young, too inexperienced and simply the worst replacement for Torres. But it does get worse. Rafa has also tried using El Zhar up front. Which is why Rafa needs to try out Babel. He couldn't do any worse, could he? Or even Benayoun. Anybody but N'Gog. This is the difference between Liverpool and pretty much the rest of Europe's best. United have Rooney, Berbatov and Tevez. Chelsea have Drogba, Anelka and Kalou. Arsenal have Adebayor, Van Persie and Arshavin. We have N'Gog. What a fucking disgrace. If we lose Torres for the rest of the season, we're fucking fucked.

All in all, we've got a decent chance to win at least one trophy with our best eleven. There are reasonable replacements in all positions except up front. If Torres and Gerrard remain fit till the end then we will give United a run for their money. Perhaps we might even make the European Cup semis but I doubt we can reach the final. I hope we do. It takes place the day after my exams finish. What an icing on the cake that would be.

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Group Stage, check.
Quarterfinal, check.
Semifinal, check.

Only a Final to go. Maybe we'll play them there next year!
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Liverpool are now 11 games unbeaten this season, at home and in Europe. Tonight's game was special for two players, Robbie Keane and Steven Gerrard. The former scored his first goal for the club that he supported as a kid growing up in Dublin and the goal will have come as a huge relief to him and everybody associated with the club. As for Stevie G, what can you say? Denied a legitimate free-kick goal against Stoke at home two weekends ago, he set the record straight by scoring his 100th goal in a Liverpool jersey with a typical right-footed scorcher from nearly 30 yards. The goalkeeper had absolutely no chance as the ball fizzed into Eindhoven's goal at 77mph. By this point it was game over but we were a bit unfortunate to let the visitors sneak in a consolation. Nevertheless, we're in joint top-place with Atletico Madrid, whom we play next. It's not often that Liverpool score three goals without Fernando Torres on the scoresheet; perhaps he has something special in mind for his homecoming in the Spanish capital two weeks from now. A special mention goes to Dutchman Dirk Kuyt. For a player who hasn't scored in the league since November last year, a mystery nobody can quite understand, it seemed rather inevitable that he would get the party started tonight with his second goal in Europe this season, in addition to the ten he scored last season. All-in-all, a convincing victory. Next stop, the Robinho-led samba-boys at Manchester City. COME ON YOU REDS!!! YNWA!!! [BBC MATCH REPORT]

The CFR in CFR Cluj stands for "Căile Ferate Române" (Romanian Railroads), the national administration body for railroad transportations. I also wondered why there were so many Portuguese players in Cluj's squad. Turns out they signed an agreement couple season's ago to become a feeder club for Portuguese club, Benfica. Though given how well the Romanian club have done last season at home and their first two games in the Champions League, I wonder how much longer this arrangement will last. And to think Benfica couldn't even qualify for the Champions League this season! Imagine if Cluj qualified for the next round and Benfica got knocked out of the UEFA Cup?!
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For nearly 210 minutes, it looked like Liverpool deserved to lose to Belgian champions, Standard Liege. Yet somehow The Reds enacted their third rescue act of the season in three games, as cometh the hour, cometh the man. Dutchman Dirk Kuyt found himself lurching at the ball, and though it came off his shin, the only thing that mattered was the end result. 117th minute and seconds away from penalties. A cross from fellow Dutchman, Ryan Babel. Ball in the back of the net. In front of the Kop. A fairytale ending. Liverpool are back in Europe's premier club football competition for the fifth year running. It's that man Dirk Kuyt again. Nine goals in Europe last year, including crucial goals in the knockout stage against Internazionale Milano, Arsenal and Chelsea. And despite a stinker of a game, he produced the goods when the team really needed it. It was almost predictable. The naysayers are proclaiming an end to our lucky escapes. Apparently we're using up a season's worth of good luck in just the first two weeks. Maybe. And yes, we've got a lot of problems all over the pitch to sort out. Except perhaps in goal. Pepe Reina is a legend. A saved penalty and a dozen other crucial saves over the two legs. We're in the Group Stages. Europe here we come. Three semi-finals in four years and a final two years ago. We're not the finished product yet, but beware. When it comes to Europe, there's only one English club that counts. LIVERPOOL FC! COME ON YOU REDS!! YNWA!!!
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Thanks to Manchester United's victory over Barcelona in the European Cup Semifinal, natural order has been restored to the footballing universe. For the first time since 1985, when English clubs were banned from European football for ten years (this was later rescinded to five years and an extra year for Liverpool), England leads the UEFA Country Ranking Coefficients (albeit by a minuscule difference over Spain). But by the time next season's European campaign begins, the gap will be even wider. Hip Hip Hooray! COME ON YOU ENGLISH CLUBS!!
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I had an inkling we wouldn't go through and that's exactly what happened. What is extremely freaky however, is how ever since last week's 1st leg I have been replaying a dream in which Liverpool would go 2-nil down by half-time, after which Torres and Babel (in that order) would score in the 2nd half to equalise, and that we would also score in the dying seconds of the game to put it beyond the Blues. As it happened, Torres & Babel did score, but it was Chelsea who went on to win it 3-2. If one can ignore the first goal offside and the blatant Hyypia penalty, then it's fair to say that Chelsea deserved to win. They dominated the game and it always felt like we were playing catch up. I still wish we had gone through and though I'm chuffed about the fact that there are two English clubs in the final, I don't really care who wins. Ironic as it may seem given what I've written in the first half of the previous sentence, these are the two clubs I dislike the most in world football. Only Everton could come close to matching the dislike I feel for either of these teams making the final. In any case, congratulations to Abramovich's millions finally bearing fruit, and to Avram Grant who achieved what the great Jose Mourinho couldn't at Stamford Bridge. Considering these two teams are equal on points in the Premier League (which will have been decided by the time they meet in Moscow), one could not have scripted a more relevant final. These are without doubt the two best football clubs in Europe this season.

For Liverpool, it is the end of a magical European run and though they could not crack the London-club for the third time in four years, they can be very proud of the fight they put up, not just in this match but throughout the competition. From needing three wins in the last three group stage games to overcoming two deficits against Arsenal, the Reds have proven just why they are perhaps the most feared team in the world's greatest club football competition. We'll be back next year, but if I could advise Rafa Benitez on just one thing, it'd be to concentrate more on the Premier League. Manchester United are getting too close to comfort to our record 18 titles, and that's the one we really really yearn for. Thanks boys and staff for another memorable European run. Long Live Torres and super-sub Babel. YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE!!!!

PS Typical innit. 841 minutes of not scoring at The Bridge, and then 2 goals in the space of 50 minutes...
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Ronaldo missed a 2nd minute penalty and Barcelona maintained the vast majority of possession. That pretty much sums up the match. Barcelona and Chelski will go into the 2nd leg with the advantage, but the 1st leg results were so tight that both Liverpool and Manchester will fancy their chances of nicking an only goal to send them through. A lotta people expected a goal-fest at Camp Nou tonight but it was not to be. Chelski and Manchester play each other on Saturday which is good for Liverpool because they'll hope their North-Western bitter rivals will run the London team ragged for the return leg. Chelski on the other hand haven't lost a domestic competition game at home since going out on penalties in the 2005 League Cup to Crystal Palace. In European competition however, Liverpool can take heart from Barcelona's victory at Stamford Bridge two years ago. There's still a lot to play for next week. Will the Red(s) (Devils) set up an all-English final?!
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That was a shit ending. Riise should've cleared the ball with his foot, even if it was with his weak right one. I doubt we can score the necessary away goal next week which means it's going to be Chelski in the final. At least tomorrow's game will be more interesting, and less stressful to watch. It's one of the few times I want Manchester United to win. There's never been an all English final before. COME ON LFC!!!
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Later tonight, Liverpool take on Chelsea for the third time in four years at this stage of the world's greatest club football competition. In 2005, Luis Garcia's "phantom goal" took Liverpool to the final and last year, Liverpool destroyed Chelsea in the penalty shoot-out after the two legs ended one-all. This year's duel will be significantly different. Instead of playing at home in Anfield in the 2nd leg, Liverpool will play at home first. It might throw a spanner into Rafa Benitez's preparations but let's hope it doesn't. I'm not really sure how we're gonna approach tonight's match. We definitely don't want to concede an away goal so there will be at least five to six defensive players on the pitch. Will Rafa continue with the 4-2-3-1 formation that has brought us much success this year, or will he change things like he did against Arsenal a couple weeks ago to go all-out for victory? Either way, it's gonna be a boring game that'll probably result in a stalemate. The best news is that Gerrard is going to play. Can we make it three times lucky? Tune in at 1845 GMT to find out. COME ON YOU REDS!!
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So there we have it. Three English clubs versus Spain's best: FC Barcelona. Last season it was the same three English clubs playing Milan in the Semis. Question is, can we expect a first-ever European Cup all-English affair in Moskova come May 23? I certainly hope so.
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Three matches, three draws. What more could you have predicted for the fourth encounter between Liverpool and Arsenal this season? Another stalemate of course and after 68 minutes of absorbing football, it looked like we were heading for a fourth consecutive draw and a penalty shootout. But then cometh the hour, cometh the man, step up Fernando Torres. A moment of magic. Back to goal, the Spaniard turned with the ball and without even looking up to pick his spot, he swung the ball into the top right corner of the Kop, sending every Liverpudlian fan into a frenzy. We were now 3-2 up on aggregate and just 20 minutes away from yet another European Cup S/F.

But that's the beauty of football. Just when you think you've seen it all, something new and exciting takes place. What followed were 20 minutes of tension-filled suspense and absolute chaos. El Niño's rocket forced Arsenal Wenger into a panic and he sacrificed two defenders as he went hook, line and Theo Walcott for a match-winning equaliser. Liverpool responded by bringing on their own young winger, Dutchman Ryan Babel. It would be a massive understatement to say the two youngsters changed the game. They re-wrote the destinies of two of England's most famous football clubs. Two pairs of fresh legs twisted a game that had already lived up to its star-studded billing.

On 83 minutes, an hour since Arsenal had truly dominated the game, Theo Walcott produced the greatest run across a pitch since Maradona in '86 and Saeed Owairan in '94. The 19-year-old Englishman didn't score, but his inch perfect pass set-up Adebayor to easily slot in his 25th goal of the season. Arsenal had not only equalised but were seven minutes away from a place in the S/F on the away-goals rule. Surely we couldn't recover from this? That we did has already become the stuff of legend, but it wasn't without controversy.

Did Toure do enough to deserve a penalty? It didn't matter. The referee booked Kolo; and Steven Gerrard, the soul of the Liverpool team, stepped up to take the most pressure-soaked penalty of his decade-long career. That he scored with such ease and composure will also become the stuff of legend - and don't forget, it was in front of the Kop. Every Liverpudlian toddler grows up dreaming of playing in front of the Kop and scoring a match-winning goal on a night like this. Gerrard makes such dreams come true like nobody's business.

It wasn't over yet. Liverpool had four minutes of regular play, three minutes of injury time and consecutive waves of Arsenal assaults to withstand and secure a third European Cup S/F meeting with Chelsea in four years. The final score belied the real difference between the two teams. Once Liverpool secured a lead, Arsenal had no choice but to throw all hands on deck. Kuyt hacked the ball away in the dying seconds of the game and Babel did the rest. A tired Fab-who-regas just couldn't keep pace with Babel and the rest is history. Some Arsenal fans may cringe and cry conspiracy but the fact remains: in the last 12 games each club has played this season, we have won 9, drawn 2 and lost only 1 (to MUFC in the League). Arsenal on the other hand have won only 2, drawn 7 and lost 3, including a 4-nil thrashing at the hands of Manchester United in the FA Cup. Double-trophy credentials? You gotta be kidding me. After an awe-inspiring start to their season, Arsenal's title-aspirations have been completely derailed. The sooner they realize this and rectify the situation, the better.

So there we are. Yet another trophyless season for Arsene's babes, and yet another European Cup S/F for the Rafalución's Class of Benitez. Watching both legs in a bar filled to capacity (ie, 600 people) dominated by Red supporters is an experience I'll never forget. Mixed together with my first ever Liverpool match LIVE at the Emirates on the weekend caps it off as one of the greatest weeks in my life. It didn't matter who won at the end (well it did) but what was important was that two clubs illustrated why the English Premier League is on its way to European invincibility. The level of football on display was of the top drawer. Congratulations to Arsenal for putting up a performance worthy of a final. A fitting finale to three matches that left little to separate between the two teams. A fitting spectacle for the world to see just why football is the globe's most favourite sport. Chelski FC, here we come! YNWA!

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Fernando Torres celebrates his goal against Arsenal as Liverpool nip ahead, 2-1.

This will go down as one of my greatest sporting experiences of all time. MORE TO FOLLOW. For now I sleep!

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Scarfed up at work today for the match later this evening.

Liverpool & Arsenal have played each other 4 times this season & each time the score has ended 1-1. But tonight, even if the score is 1-1 after full-time, the match will go into extra-time and if there is still a deadlock, the match will go to penalties. One thing's for sure, there will be a winner tonight and there will be heartbreak for the loser. Let's just hope England's most successful club in Europe prove their Continental credentials once again. It's yet another special European night at Anfield. I'll be back at the Barracuda to cheer the Reds. YNWA!
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Will it be greatness or disaster? (The Times)

"The myth about LFC's success in Europe is that it is a fluke. Certain aspects, maybe. To go three goals down to AC Milan in a Champions League final playing as badly as Liverpool did in Istanbul before coming back to draw 3-3 - while still not playing particularly well, just with better shape and self-belief - will never be repeated without influence from the Almighty. Yet the rest of it, the deserved victories over Inter Milan, Juventus, Chelsea and Barcelona, the capacity to find reserves of resolve in the tightest corners, happens too frequently to be merely the work of the Fates. If it was that easy for a failing team to raise their game in the Champions League, they would all do it."


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