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"Lottery commercials are incredibly seductive and they're also everywhere. States spend half a billion on them every year and the reason they do that, is [that] the lottery is a massive moneymaker for them. Last year alone, lottery sales totalled about $68 billion. That's more than Americans spent last year on movie tickets, music, porn, the NFL, Major League Baseball, and video games, combined. Which means Americans spend more on the lottery than they spent on America." (Gorra love John Oliver.)
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And wot would an entry about the British fourth estate be without one of my favourite comedy moments making yet another appearance on this blog:

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(This post was inspired by a similar one about the riots from a couple weeks ago. Enjoy!)


Poor preparation; England's bowling superiority; England's batting superiority; England's fielding superiority; England's coaching superiority; World Cup hangover; IPL hangover; Foreign tour syndrome; Bouncy pitches; Lateral movement; reverse swing; normal swing; chin music; fast bowling; slow bowling

The Lord's slope; English weather; Boredom; New ball; Old ball; Green pitches; Weight of expectations; Unrealistic expectations; Sunil Gavaskar's commentary; Michael Vaughan's tweets; Joey Barton's tweets; TMS; HotSpot; DRS; Back-to-back Tests; Back-to-back Tours

Anna Hazare; Full-capacity Test crowds; Arul Suppiah; Raina's misleading century against Somerset; Zak's injury; Harbhajan Singh; Charl Willoughby; Stuart Broad's hat-trick; Pietersen's double-century; Cook's double-century; Prior's stump commentary; Lack of fitness; SRT's 100th international century; Ishant's line and length; Sreesanth; Sehwag's hearing; Sehwag's shoulder; Sehwag's approach to batting;

Hostile Trent Bridge crowd; Bell-gate; On-field umpires; Off-field umpires; The Laws of the Game; Corruption in India; RP Singh; Mishra's no-balls; Impatience; Lack of application; Balls bouncing above knee height; bouncers; yorkers; length deliveries; off-breaks; the one that straightens; innocuous deliveries; Ian Bell; the BCCI; Overcommercialisation; Ian Botham; the Top ranking; the 2000th Test; the 100th Test

The England riots; Duncan Fletcher's humour; the media; the experts; player sponsorships; too much wealth; lack of patriotism; physical exhaustion; mental exhaustion; Ishant's haircut; Strauss's captaincy; Dhoni's captaincy; dropped catches; hands in pockets; bad luck; shit happens; somewhere in the world, a butterfly flapped its wings

Does that cover everything?
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Missing some gems but Jen Bromley from Cambridge is onto a winner. I wonder if David Lloyd would be up for another benefit dinner...
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A recent picture from Al Madina Plaza in Madinat Qaboos where some cheeky chappy re-arranged the letters of the shopping centre entrance sign. Apparently it went unnoticed for a week! (via Muscat Mutterings blog)
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Clever work with the yellow ribbon-like line representing The River Thames that flows through London. [Source:]
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Standing next to a picture of one of the most famous marketing slogans of all-time. This particular Guinness billboard was in Piccadilly Circus, complete with two West Indian gentlemen in the foreground leaning on the Statue of Anteros. Guinness began their forty-two year association with Piccadilly Circus in 1930 and I think this photo was taken between 1932 and 1953 (but not during WWII, perhaps just after the Windrush arrived in 1948). Guinness was told to stop using the slogan but in 2003, a group of researchers at the University of Wisconsin claimed that a pint of Ireland's greatest export may "work as well as a low dose aspirin to prevent heart clots that raise the risk of heart attacks" while drinking lager didn't yield the same results. Indeed the original campaign in the 1920s stemmed from market research when people told the company that they "felt good after their pint". England went one step further by giving post-operative patients as well as blood donors Guinness based on the belief that it was high in iron! Healthy or not, it is without doubt the world's best beer!
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I must admit this was probably one of the most surreal things I've ever heard on the radio and to hear it live during yesterday's play had me doing double takes. And I'm sure I wasn't alone. But to be gifted two slog sweeps for six by Sir Geoff (he's not really knighted) on the same day was quite something. As rare as a blue moon I suppose. Enjoy them both and while you can. We may not hear anything like it for a long time to come! TMS Zindabad! And long live Mr Boycott!


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