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And wot would an entry about the British fourth estate be without one of my favourite comedy moments making yet another appearance on this blog:

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I'm not Piers Morgan's biggest fan but smug little Louise Mensch MP (nee Bagshawe) should've apologised for abusing parliamentary privilege. Mixing Tory good looks with a sexy intellect, she's the ultimate femme fatale.

Ironic that I shared this video just a couple days ago...
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A week ago, the odds of David Cameron becoming the next cabinet member to leave ranged between 100/1 at Ladbrokes to 150/1 at Stan James. Ladbrokes slashed them to 20/1 last night after Sir Paul Stephenson's resignation and even further to 12/1 a couple hours ago. Now following his deputy John Yates's resignation the odds stand at just 8/1. They say a week's a long time in politics! Looks like an hour has become the new week.
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Even if I tried, I would never tire of this show. I must've seen every episode at least five times but I could watch it over and over again. Which is just as well because this summer, it returns to the West End! w00t!
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The big story this week is Gordon Brown's alleged bullying of his staff. Though what the aptly named Caroline Pratt was doing releasing this info, then later denying it concerned the PM himself, as head of the National Bullying Helpline, has stirred up questions of confidentiality. As a result, four patrons of the charity resigned in protest. So in tune with my Yes Ministerial mood, it's worth reliving a few delightful clips from the greatest TV show of all time on such confidential matters. The last one must've inspired Donald Rumsfeld!

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('Jobs for the Boys' episode)
[Sir Humphrey is a civil servant, Sir Desmond is the Chairman of Bartlett's Bank & James Hacker is a Government minister]
Sir Desmond Glazebrook: I'm afraid I know very little about any of those.
Sir Humphrey Appleby:   Well my dear chap, what do you know?
Sir Desmond Glazebrook: Nothing. I know nothing really, I'm a banker.


('The Quality of Life' episode)
Sir Humphrey Appleby:   Didn't you read the Financial Times this morning?
Sir Desmond Glazebrook: Never do.
Sir Humphrey Appleby:   Well you're a banker, surely you read the Financial Times?
Sir Desmond Glazebrook: Can't understand it. Full of economic theory.
Sir Humphrey Appleby:   Why do you buy it?
Sir Desmond Glazebrook: Oh, you know, it's part of the uniform.


[talking about a bank's building plans for a new skyscraper]
James Hacker:           I see, it's just profits, isn't it, Sir Desmond?
Sir Desmond Glazebrook: Not just profits, it's profits.
James Hacker:           Don't you think of anything but money?
Sir Desmond Glazebrook: No, why?
James Hacker:           What about beauty?
Sir Desmond Glazebrook: Beauty? This is a building, not an oil painting.
James Hacker:           And the environment?
Sir Desmond Glazebrook: Oh yes, I promise you we'll make sure it is part of the environment. It's bound to be once it's there, 
                        isn't it?
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In 1980, the BBC aired what was to become one of my all-time favorite British sitcoms: Yes, Minister and its sequel Yes, Prime Minister.

"It is about the struggle between James "Jim" Hacker (played by Paul Eddington), the government minister of the (fictional) department of Administrative Affairs (and later as Prime Minister) and his civil servants and ministerial colleagues. Nigel Hawthorne plays Sir Humphrey Appleby, KCMG, a senior civil servant and head of the department, with Derek Fowlds in a supporting role as Hacker's private secretary Bernard Wooley. Much of the humour of the show derives from the conflict between United Kingdom Cabinet ministers who believe they are in charge, and the members of the British Civil Service who are really running the country." (Source: Wikipedia)

Re-live some of the greatest moments... )

I thought I'd also let everybody know that the contact-crisis has been resolved. At exactly 7am EST the lens returned to safety. It was a rather anti-climatic finish but the good news is that there doesn't seem to be any permanent damage. Thank you for all those who voiced concern and it's great to know how much you cared about me. *NOT* ;-)

Goodnight! =)


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