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As you know, my three favourite sports are cricket, football and tennis. It's been an eventful week for all three and the teams/sportsmen that I support. It started with Liverpool's victory away at Chelsea's Stamford Bridge last Sunday, continued with Roger Federer's demolition of Rafael Nadal during the week and subsequent unbeaten run to his 100th professional tournament final, 70th career title overall and record-breaking 6th ATP World Tour Finals success. In between, there were two close finishes in the Test cricket matches between South Africa/Australia and India/West Indies. Neither of the teams which I wanted to win succeeded, but both matches were a fantastic advert for the game's longer version. Then to cap off the eventful week, Liverpool became only the second club in this season's Premier League to take points off leaders Manchester City, in a game we really should've won. Not a bad way to lead myself into starting a new temp job tomorrow morning!
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I wish there was a job that existed along the lines of "Professional Sport Armchair Spectator" because not only would I be very good at it, but I'd also bring two decades worth of extensive work experience. It occurred to me that in the past ten days, I have been smothered with at least one match/race of all the sports and teams which I follow and/or love. Starting with cricket, India and England have been in action, in football both England and Liverpool have flattered to deceive (as usual), Federer's lost at the US Open, Usain Bolt got disqualified from one race, won another and helped set a world record in a third, while the Rugby World Cup got underway and Sebastian Vettel won yet another Formula One race. Sportsgasmic!
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Last night I watched what was probably the game of the season and surprisingly, it didn't involve either Real Madrid, Barcelona or both, even though they were also in action together. It's not easy picking one game out of half a dozen humdingers, Arsenal featuring in at least three of them. But last night was special because I watched it in a pub packed with fans from both sides not far from where the game was actually played. And it was a study of contrasts, as one side went into the ascendency followed immediately by the other. The game ebbed and flowed until Spurs came back from a two-goal deficit to secure a draw against the mighty Arsenal. A bad result for both teams but perhaps more damaging for Arsenal as they seek to end their six-year silverware drought. There's a better chance Spurs will qualify for next season's European Cup. And most hope they do.

Meanwhile, Liverpool remain rooted to sixth which will probably deny them any European football next season for the first time since 1999/00. That's thanks to Birmingham City winning the League Cup and only one of the top five clubs making the final of the FA Cup. However there is an outside chance we could sneak through to the Europa League, if Manchester City win the FA Cup but get pipped to fourth place in the league by Spurs and we finish sixth. That would be harsh on Stoke City who have qualified for their first ever FA Cup Final in their 148 year-old history. And if we don't watch out, the Blue Shite are just 2 points behind us. COME ON YOU REDS!

In the other half of the table, the bottom eight clubs are separated by a mere six points. There may only be five or six games left this season, but it's all to play for! A fitting finale to an exciting Premier League campaign!
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(Click on the pic to read about the Hillsborough Disaster)
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My first appearance at Ruse Bar in Borough (near London Bridge) - a Liverpool supporters boozer thanks to the landlord who's a fan.
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There was something in the air that night
The stars were bright, Fernando
They were shining there for you and me
For liberty, Fernando
Though we never thought that we could lose
There's no regret
If I had to do the same again
I would, my friend, Fernando
Yes, if I had to do the same again
I would, my friend, Fernando...
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If he leaves Liverpool FC as I suspect he will do so within forty-eight hours, I will be a very broken football fan. That is all, good night. :(
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I think the only way Torres, Reina and Gerrard will stay at the end of the season is if John Henry fires Roy Hodgson before Christmas and brings in a big name like Hiddink. The new owners will also probably have to demonstrate their ambition by splashing the dough in January on at least one major signing. Otherwise we're toast. It's probably too late already. What a disaster the last eighteen months have been. YNWA
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Thanks to the non-stop Oman Air flight, it took me less than 12 hours door-to-door. Just in time to watch Match of the Day! YNWA
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The Anfield faithful voice their displeasure at the ongoing financial disarray at England's most successful football club.
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"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the ref that it wasn't a booking." -Tom Nycz-Losi

I'm not happy. He's good, but I don't like players who subscribe to the Van Bommel School of Fair Play. Makes Materazzi look like a saint.
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Savour the moment. It's not often you'll catch me singing praises of a Red Devil but what can I say? It's World Cup O'Clock. A time when club loyalties are set-aside as national passions take centre-stage. And boy, do I want my England to bring the trophy home. But we won't. Not without Paul Scholes to pull the strings in midfield. With Barry missing the first game due to injury, Carrick out-of-form and Hargreaves not even in the squad (and rightly so), we really could've done with Scholes services. He maybe 35 and he may have played his last game for England in 2004, but few could argue with his stellar form this season. Phenomenal to say the least. He would've been the perfect foil to Lampard in central midfield, marshalling the troops, with Gerrard either playing off Rooney or in an upfield left position. Unstoppable, I say!

But why isn't he in South Africa? Because Capello called on him too late. Granted it was in May, but still. It's the fuckin' World Cup. Even Carra said yes, so why not you Scholes? The mind boggles. Cunt. England will not win the World Cup and it's all Scholes fault. Oh well, I suppose it was asking too much of me to set aside club loyalties, World Cup notwithstanding. At least Gerrard will be captain. And we all know what that did to his Liverpool confidence. Hopefully he can finally translate it onto the grandest stage of all. It's now or never mate.

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What's with Liverpudlians and one of the world's largest retailers? A Blue is giving way to a Red as Tesco's CEO. Use profits, buy us plz...
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This is why I love living in Europe. One of my best mates supports Blackpool FC. They play in the second division of English football but this was their last game of the season and their biggest in decades. The last time The Seasiders played in the top division was 1971. They got relegated immediately and as recent as two seasons ago were languishing in the third division. But since surviving by the skin of their teeth last season, The Tangerines have ripened just in time to qualify for the Premier League play-offs next week. Today's game was crucial because if they drew or lost and Swansea had beaten Doncaster, the Welsh club would've qualified instead. As it were, The Jacks were held to a frustrating goalless draw at home, unleashing a fantastic sea of emotion at the Prince of Wales pub near Victoria Station. Not only is it a Blackpool supporters pub but the pub landlord and his assistants are all lifelong supporters! The game itself was rather boring, even though Blackpool found themselves behind early in the first half. As the second half progressed, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. But cometh the hour, cometh the man. Brett Ormerod's full-length diving header secured the long-awaited equaliser and calmed everybody down a bit. But the fans wanted a winner. As the match entered the final few minutes, bitten nails were flying everywhere.

Everybody with iPhones tried to find out what was happening at The Liberty Stadium, but as it happened, we all found out their result by the reactions of the fans on the telly! In the end a victory wasn't necessary and Blackpool now meet a certain Nottingham Forest in the play-offs. I know who I'll be supporting, and it ain't the men in orange ahem, tangerine. I got told off for saying that today! So even if Blackpool get through that, there's still the play-off final at Wembley to deal with in two weeks. Either way from what I saw this afternoon, whoever qualifies is probably going straight back down. I got home to watch the Man Utd-Sunderland game and it was noticeably three notches quicker and of much better quality. Oh and we did our bit to help Chelsea move closer to the Premier League title. But is it the end for Rafa?

Blackpool fans waiting in anticipation for the final whistle, and the result at Swansea.

Job done! Swansea draw, Blackpool through, best day in a long time. Long night of drunken revelry!
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Two famous banners unfurled at Anfield. The first by Liverpool fans in the mid-90s, the second by Man United fans earlier this season.

If Liverpool defeat Chelsea at Anfield on Sunday, it'll virtually hand Man United the Premier League title. They've won 18. We've won 18. Is that what we really want? But if we don't win, we lose the minute chance of qualifying for Champions League football next season. The odds are stacked against us and we're almost certainly condemned to another adventure in the Europa League. And I'd much rather Chelsea win the title than Manchester United. Surely we won't do the latter a favour? After all, Chelsea still have sixteen to go! Decisions, decisions...


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