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Create Your Own Visited Countries Map

28 countries which include Bahrain, Ireland, Netherlands, and Qatar where I didn't exit the airport and I know most people wouldn't count them, but I do so. :-P The closest I've been to the southern hemisphere is Singapore in the summer of 1989 (1.17N). And I've yet to hit up Latin America, Africa and Oceania.

Create Your Own Visited States Map

19 states + DC which includes Tennessee which I've just flown through and a couple that I've just driven through. I'll be spending a weekend in Nashville this month for a stag-do so I guess this list will be more *legit* than my countries visited.

Create Your Own Visited Provinces and Territories Map

Four years in Canada but just the three provinces visited. I'll be returning to Toronto (and Canada) for the first time in 11 years this September for a college mate's wedding.

Create Your Own Visited European Countries Map
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Congratulations to Canada for throwing out the Tories and electing a majority Liberal government. About time, I might add. But is it just me who is uneasy with a seemingly growing trend of nepotism at the highest levels of Western democracies?
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And what's more, after doing his undergrad at Alberta he studied law at McGill. Now he teaches human rights law in London. Sound.
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Gotcha! The view from my window during last night's thunderstorm.

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Yesterday morning as I was lying on the ground having just woken up for the umpteenth time thanks to jet lag and its after effects I thought I felt my building rumble and shake a significant amount. I dismissed it as a scary dream and remember feeling quite scared/worried because for a second I thought the building was gonna fall apart with me just lying there, half-asleep and helpless.

I've just discovered thanks to somebody's MsN nickname that there indeed was an earthquake measuring 4.2 @ 10:30am yesterday morning. The epicenter was close to the US Border.

Scary shit...
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Urine splasher caught on camera!
A Saskatoon couple mystified by the recurring stench of urine behind their garage used video surveillance equipment to catch their neighbour in the act of splashing a jug full of the putrid substance on the garage door. Bob Kukura, 60, pleaded guilty to mischief in Saskatoon provincial court and was sentenced yesterday to one year's probation. He was ordered to pay $1,732 restitution to Wes and Heather Skakun.
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I woke upto the amusing news that Stephen Harper, Conservative Party leadership hopeful, had sent a letter mistaking the aboriginals for Indo-Canadians on the occasion of India's 54th Republic Day last month. Here is an excerpt from the letter:

"As you partake in cultural festivities and events, which honour your ancestors and celebrate your heritage, I am pleased to pay tribute to the members of the Indian community in Canada. I salute you for your important and long-standing contributions to the economic and cultural vitality of our wonderful country..."

The letter was mistakenly sent to the aboriginal Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres. The Federation was not particularly pleased and Rick Lobzun the President, offered a blunt reply:

"It is shameful, Mr. Harper that you as a potential leader of this country choose such off-hand forms of communication which make you guilty of possessing a poor briefing staff at best and racist approaches to policy at worst. This is 2004, Mr. Harper, not 1492 ... the last time a man got lost looking for India."


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